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Responsible tourism

responsible tourism

Academia Uruguay is one of the few organizations in Uruguay that have joined the Network of Responsible Tourism (RTR- Red de Turismo Responsable). The RTR is a regional organization that began operations in Argentina and now has members in several Latin American countries.

The RTR consists of NGOs, not-for-profit companies, government bodies, universities and many other organisations that are making a joint effort to promote responsible tourism. Indicators of responsible tourism were generated and applied to member organisations in order to measure their contributions. There is no central organisation that assigns certificates of responsible conduct, the members self-assess their compliance with the indicators set and then publish the results. Tourists, who witness the running of the organisation, monitor the accuracy of these results. For more information on the RTR, please visit the following website.

Our indicators this year show the following:

Recently we have been implementing numerous programs to improve our ecological sustainability. These include developing our recycling program, improving our policy of responsible use of air conditioning, educating in the responsible use of energy, amongst others.

We also offer our students the opportunity to offset one of the biggest environmental impacts generated by travel: the flight to and from Montevideo. To this end we have an established agreement with the prestigious Swiss company MyClimate, and through its web platform you can contribute financially to reducing CO2 emissions and thus reduce your “carbon footprint.” You can read more on the subject here and we can help you to contribute.

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