Learn Spanish

in Uruguay and Argentina.


Spanish workshops

Academia Uruguay offers Spanish workshops twice a week. Workshops last one hour, are free and provide a unique opportunity to hone different communication skills. Each workshop focuses on the specific needs of the participants to enable them to strengthen their command of Spanish and speak with confidence.


In addition to these workshops, we recommend that you find a partner to practise speaking with, to watch TV, and to listen to local radio stations. In short, you are advised to take advantage of all available opportunities to speak Spanish (on the street, in restaurants, with your host family, etc).

  • Conversation Workshop: This workshop is a space where you can practice your communication skills through exercises and games involving peer interaction.
  • Pronunciation Workshop: In this workshop you will gain speed and learn to speak with precision and accuracy. The teacher will coach you in fun pronunciation exercises so that you become aware of certain Spanish sounds.
  • Audio Workshop: This workshop is a place to interact with other students of the Academy, regardless of their language level. The aim is to practice auditory comprehension through listening exercises and discussion mediated by the teacher.
  • Film Workshop and Discussion: In this workshop we play movies of the most well-known and well-loved Latin American directors, predominantly those of Uruguayan and Argentinean origin. Later, we encourage all participants to discuss and debate the issues raised in the film.
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