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Tango and Candombe

tango and spanish in uruguay

The Tango and the Candombe are two unique forms of rhythmic expression that best illustrate the soul of Uruguay.  Performances of these stunning styles of music and dance are not to be missed.

Candombe and Tango were declared of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2009. Enrol in a class today!

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Our recommendations to see or dance Tango and Candombe:

Joventango: This cultural institution, founded over 30 years ago, has always been connected with Tango and Milonga.  Joventango is located in the beautiful old Mercado de la Abundancia. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 7:00pm, and each day focuses on a different style of Tango with a different teacher. Located in the same building is the Mercado de los Artesanos where you’ll find beautiful handicrafts made with local materials and a large food court with diverse culinary offerings.

Lo de Margot: This is a classic example of a Montevidean Milonga. Here you will find people of all ages. It is best to call ahead to confirm opening hours.

candombre spanish montevideoTamborilearte: This organization’s main objective is to recognise and publicise the Candombe as a part of our cultural identity. Here you can learn how to play the different types of drums that make up the Candombe “family” (chico, repique y piano) as well as learn the characteristic steps and movements.

If you are not keen to dance, but you want to enjoy the rhythms of Tango and Candombe while you relax with a drink, we recommend the following places:

Bar Fun Fun

El Milongón

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