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Other sports and activities

If your passion isn’t football, you can practice beach sports (volleyball, football, kitesurfing etc.), take long walks or go jogging along the Rambla.

At different points along the Rambla you can also find “healthy community spaces.” These are outdoor gyms that are free to the public.bow-and-basket

La Rambla is also ideal for biking or rollerblading, and in Buceo there is even a skate park!

Basketball is another of Uruguayans’ favourite sports.  In October the popular Uruguayan Basketball League starts, playing in gyms around the city over six months, fighting for the championship.

If you want to see Montevidean fans following basketball, we recommend you go to see one of the games of the Aguada team (the 2013 League champions) as they have the greatest number of fans. Going to see a basketball game in Montevideo is without a doubt one of the most exceptional activities available in the city.

In Montevideo you can also find places to practice:

Tai Chi

Yoga: once in the school you can talk to Claudia who, besides being one of our teachers, is also a yoga instructor with extensive experience in hatha and kundalini yoga.




Hang gliding



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