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in Uruguay and Argentina.


Cultural activities

Visit Uruguay and be immersed in a lively culture, discover a past rich in history and traditions and enjoy a unique mix of the natural and the urban.

At Academia Uruguay we believe that by learning about the culture and traditions of a country, one can more easily comprehend local idiosyncrasies and generate stronger cultural ties.


Learning a language in the context of immersion facilitates the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge, but real immersion is only possible when the student engages with the traditions and customs of the country that receives them. When you participate in everyday activities, you can discover the city from a local perspective.

In accordance with this philosophy, Academia Uruguay provides at least two weekly activities that seek to connect students with the cultural life of Montevideo. We organise walks in different barrios (neighbourhoods), tickets to popular music performances, visits to museums and contemporary art spaces, and much more.

Our activities include:

  • A local bilingual guide: all activities are organized and conducted by a local guide with extensive knowledge of the history of the country and the city.You can participate independent of your Spanish level.
  • Variety: Activities change every week, are mostly free and are for all ages and interests.
  • Customization: if a student wants to explore the city on his/her own or take weekend excursions, we can help plan the trip. We can help with advice on where to go, what to do and how to move in and out of Montevideo.

In the menu above you will find some of the weekly activities provided.


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