Learn Spanish

in Uruguay and Argentina.

Host family
Getting to know the Uruguayan way of life

Since one of our fundamental principals is cultural immersion, we offer housing in Uruguayan family homes. We consider it to be a unique opportunity to get to know our culture and customs in a direct and authentic way. Living with a Uruguayan family involves speaking Spanish 24 hours a day with native speakers, which requires constant practise which helps to improve pronunciation, augment vocabulary, encounter new expressions used in daily life, amongst other things that enrich the student’s knowledge.


casa-famEach of the families that receive students understands our way of working and have passed through a selection process, ensuring that they complete certain requirements. However overall, what we all share is a pleasure in receiving foreign students and aiding them to integrate in the local culture.

Individual rooms (breakfast only): US$295
Individual rooms (breakfast+dinner): US$395
*Prices per person, per week

  • Private bedroom (incl. sheets and towels)
  • Max. 30 mins distance from our school
  • Meals are provided according to student’s preference
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Shared kitchen and bath room
  • Carefully selected host families
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