Learn Spanish

in Uruguay and Argentina.



Our teaching plan has 9 skill levels, based on the extended European Reference Framework for learning languages. On every level, professors use a great variety of learning situations, mixing oral communication and listening comprehension using audio and video, text reading, etc. Every level has one part of its content dedicated to the social, cultural and political life in Uruguay and to Uruguayan and Latin-American history.

When our students arrive at the Academia Uruguay, our academic supervisor determines their language skill levels by means of a short oral and written test. As a result of this test, and taking into account the needs of the student, his or her individual study program is determined. We offer group and individual classes at various lengths and intensity level depending on your focus. Students are allowed to mix their schedules with group and individual classes, depending on their needs. To get an idea of your own level, take the test in the Online Spanish section of our website!

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