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Level Certification

Certification of level of Spanish by Academia Uruguay

Now you have the opportunity to certify your level of Spanish without leaving your home!

If you live in Montevideo and you need to certify your language level to present to university or work, you can take our exam and receive a certificate endorsed by the Instituto Cervantes, as the Academia is an Accredited Centre of the Institute, the most prestigious in the world. And if you’re in France, Italy, Spain, Germany or Chile also you can take your test from there. Consult for Brasil. We’ll organize with a partner school of the Tandem Group © to sit the written exam, and then you sit the oral exam with one of our coordinators via Skype.

This diploma is an excellent choice to accredit your level of Spanish at any time of year, at a time convenient for you and with a comfortable, fast and effective method. The same day that you sit the oral component, you will receive the qualification certificate and the level equivalent to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask or request an interview with our coordinators, who can advise on which test is most appropriate for your level.

Price: US$ 160

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