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Location & Facilities

The school is located in the historic centre of Montevideo, close to Plaza Constitution (also called Plaza Matriz). It is just a few steps from many of the main city attractions and has excellent public transport connectivity to most neighbourhoods. The school is located in a historic building constructed in 1900. It has access to a terrace that serves as a scenic lookout over the bay of Montevideo.

Academia Uruguay Spanish school in Montevideo

Like most of downtown Montevideo, the neighbourhood where the school is located, ‘Ciudad Vieja’, is safe and full of beautiful buildings and monuments that can be discovered if you walk through its narrow streets. It is also the financial centre of the city during the week then you can notice an influx of people who go to work every day in offices, banks, law firms, etc.

From here you find yourself within walking distance of the first of a series of beaches that extend along the entire city and continue along the coast all the way to the Brazilian border. Farther from the city centre, the beaches are beautiful and quiet. Many residents enjoy visiting the Rambla Montevideo (3 minute walk from the school) for running, walking, drinking mate or just to marvel at the sunset.

Our address:
Academia Uruguay
Calle Juan Carlos Gomez 1459 esq. 25 de mayo
Ciudad Vieja – Montevideo

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