Learn Spanish

in Uruguay and Argentina.

Spanish and Carnival

This exclusive program provides a fun and interesting way to combine your Spanish classes with different activities that allow us to witness the unfolding of the longest carnaval in the world.

Start dates

mondays during Carnival


1 week

Hours per day

depends on activity


Time schedule

Max. number of students per class




per week. Does not include Spanish course


For one week live the sensations, colors, rhythms and dances that comprise the Uruguayan carnaval, performing a series of activities that allow the student to participate actively, not simply as a spectator, in the most important cultural event in our country, based on the number of followers and its duration of around 45 days.

[Day 1]: Candombe class (drums included to practice). Students may begin their experience with Afro-Uruguayan rhythm, the heart of Montevideo’s black culture.

[Day 2]: Guided Tour of Carnaval Museum(admission included). We travel over different eras of our carnaval, through an exhibition of costumes, masks, photographs and other objects from this special art form.

[Day 3]: Murga Workshop (includes makeup). Students learn some of the characteristics of this genre and later rehearse with a real murga some of the most well-known songs.

[Day 4]: Visit to a theatre (admission included) to watch a carnaval show. We’ll witnessing the magical scene of Februaries in Montevideo, sharing the night withstreet musicians, comedians, parodies, parades and magazines.

[Day 5]: To end this entertaining cultural immersion week, we’ll witness one of the greatest shows of the  Uruguayan Carnaval: the parade las Llamadas (the Calls). We’ll vibrate to the rhythm of the drums from a balcony specially prepared for the group, where we’ll diner on asado (includes meat, salad and drinks), while enjoying the exciting array of sounds, dance and colours. Those who dare, can dance candombe in the street with the locals!

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