Learn Spanish

in Uruguay and Argentina.



Martin (52) Uruguay. Martin is studying to be a Sommelier at the University of the Republic and has experience working in various fields. He is an expert in long-distance races and a connoisseur of wines. He has two children named Clara and Francisco.

Virginia (50) Uruguay. Virginia is a professional contemporary dancer, and when she is not travelling, she works as a dance teacher at the University. Virginia loves reading Latin American literature and drinking mate. She has two daughters, Olivia and Helena.

Federico (54) Germany. Federico has a doctorate in sociology and worked as a professor at the University of Buenos Aires. He lived many years in France but later moved to Buenos Aires where he currently resides.

María Marta (52) Argentina. Mary is an experienced psychologist with a degree in Social Policy. She has travelled to several countries in Latin America and has one son named Ulysses.

Francisco (56) Argentina. Francisco worked for many years for the National Council, which consisted of tasks associated with children living on the street. He also works as an actor, makes castings for film and theatre and is a costume designer.

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