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New beginner┤s spanish course for Brasilian students
This spanish course has been designed exclusively for portuguese speakers who come to study Spanish in Montevideo, Uruguai, with special study material prepared for their special needs. Levels A1 and A2 can be accomplished in approximately two weeks.
Learn Spanish in Uruguay and also do volunteer work!
Academia Uruguay offers you the possibility to combine Spanish courses with free volunteer work in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Incoming groups / Spanish study tours in Uruguay
Our Spanish school, Academia Uruguay, has many years of experience organizing and receiving groups in Montevideo.
Combined Spanish course in Uruguay and Argentina
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know two countries so close geographically and so different in many other regards! Learn Spanish in Uruguay and continue Spanish courses in Argentina (Bariloche and Buenos Aires).
Some students from 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
ver galeria
El Tiempo Montevideo - Melilla
Distance learning
If you have already studied some spanish in the past, you can now continue learning through classes over the internet.
Carnival 2013 in Uruguay-- January 28 to February 1
This is the ideal program to enjoy your summer in Montevideo with activities related to the local carnival.
DEELE course for Brasilian Spanish teachers
This course has been especially designed for teachers of the Spanish language from Brasil.
Special offer on Spanish courses !
50% discount on reservations for travel partners at Academia Uruguay, in Montevideo! Bring someone along and learn Spanish in Uruguay!
Weekend trips by Academia Uruguay
Our Spanish school helps its students organize activities over the weekend so that they can discover other parts of Uruguay.
Extracurricular activities organized by Academia Uruguay
At least twice a week, Academia Uruguay organizes free extracurricular activities for its students, in Spanish of course !
Wall painting of Montevideo
A few weeks ago, argentinean painter Diego Bugallo finished his wall painting of Montevideo in the shared housing section of Academia Uruguay.
Volunteer Work
We work with various organizations and you will have to pay neither for our help in organizing your volunteer work, nor for actually working there.