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To listen to

Music is a very important part of Uruguayan culture and the Tango, Candombe and Murga are the genres most related to our identity. Also, of course, there are other examples of high quality music and fusion between styles.

Classic Tangogardel

Carlos Gardel – also known as el Zorzal Criollo

Julio Sosa – The man of tango

Gerardo Matos Rodriguez – Writer of the world’s most famous tango; La Cumparsita

Pintín Castellanos

Modern Tango

Bajofondo – Argentinian Uruguayan electrotango band

Malena Muyala – One of the most important female artists.

Francis Andreu – the fresh blood of Uruguayan tango

Well-known Artists

Alfredo Zitarrosa – A Creole singer who has one of the most unique voices of folk and is known for his social commitment

Fernando Cabrera – One of the last bastions of this particular genre of contemporary Uruguayan music

Eduardo Darnauchans – As much a poet as a singer, an emblematic figure of Montevidean culture

El Príncipe – A composer of urban poetry of unique character

Uruguayan pop music

Jaime Roos – Without a doubt one of the most famous musicians of our country. Playing the murga, candombe, milonga and fusion music

Ruben Rada – Ambassador of the hallmark candombe rhythm

Jorge Drexler – A musician of great sensibility and minimalist melodies, and the sole Uruguayan Oscar winner

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