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Although Montevideo is a quiet town, the nightlife is an experience that visitors should not miss. Similarly to Buenos Aires, Montevideo’s evening begins quite late. People meet in bars for a drink with friends around midnight (previa) and go to the clubs to dance around three in the morning. The party continues until 6-8 in the morning for those who like to stay out until dawn.

The nightlife options are varied, with target audiences of different ages and musical tastes. They range from upscale restaurants, bars for previas and live music venues, to fancy nightclubs and underground discos.  If visiting Montevideo you cannot leave without visiting one of the various milongas to see, learn or practice the most important dance of the river plate area: the tango.

Places to go out at night:

La Ronda: Ciudadela 1182 esq. Canelones

Bluzz: Canelones 760 esq. Ciudadela

Budda: José Iturriaga 3497 Esq. Luís A. de Herrera

21 Bar: L.A de Herrera 1140 esq. Iturriaga

Asia de Cuba: Luis Alberto de Herrera 1248 – Torre 3 local 51

Lotus: Cr. Luis E. Lecueder esq. Dr. Luis Bonavita

Burlesque: Luis A. de Herrera 1136 esq. Iturriaga

Sácame el Maleficio: Luis Alberto de Herrera 1184 esq. 26 de marzo

Volvé mi negra: Francisco Muñoz 3177 esq. La Gaceta

Paullier y Guaná: Paullier 1252 esq. Guaná

Solitario Juan: Rodó 1830 esq. Frugoni

Living: Paullier esq. Edil Hugo Pratto

Cabo Bar: Blvr. España 2218 esq. Requena

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