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in Uruguay and Argentina.

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Where are students from, who are they, how old are they?

The mix of students varies, depending on the time of the year. However, as a general rule, we accept students only over 18 years old (consult for exceptions). We have students up to 65 years of age and the average is somewhere between 20 and 35. Many of our students come primarily to study Spanish and are highly motivated. Some travel the world, others spend their vacations here and even others have taken a few weeks or months off work and come to experience a different language and culture. Students come from all over the world, really. Europeans, North Americans and Brazilians do make up the largest groups, but we have also have significant amounts of students from far-away places like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Morocco, South Africa, Russia, Iceland etc. About 400 students per year choose to study at Academia Uruguay.

Posted in: Academia Uruguay

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